Walker Profile: Open Letter From Paris

Our Paris Walker

WalkedThru Paris

“I was born, raised, and educated in the Old World (the old continent, Europe). After graduating from the University, I worked there for five years before moving on to the new life and to the New World (the new continent, North America). I’ve therefore seen both sides of the coin (as far as living in the Western civilization is concerned). What I never got a chance to see, oddly enough, is that there is a ‘third’ side of the coin! Turns out that this illusive third side of the coin does exist (as unbelievable as it may sound), and it is called Paris!

I will use the cloudy space of this blog to record some of my musings about the third side of the coin. What is it that makes Paris so special, so different than anything else one can find in the broad and wildly diverse world of Western civilization? Subscribe to my posts, and let’s find out!”


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