Walker Profile: Whine and Cheers for Wine

Our Wine Walker:

WalkedThru Wine

“My wine journey probably should have begun years ago but life and it’s doings kept putting it off until about 2 years ago. In need of a hobby or an escape from a high stress business world the stars, planets and sun seemed to have aligned for me. It all began with the decision to keep a year long wine diary on which 138 were eventually recorded while simultaneously taking monthly wine classes to not only expand my horizons but to see how much wine enthusiasm I could muster.

Along the way I started my blog www.WhineAndCheersForWine.wordpress.com and decided to register at university for my WSET Wine and Spirit Education Trust certification. Having graduated from Level I courses I am presently registered for Level II in the Fall. Recently fate seemed to have stepped into my life once again as I was hired as a Wine Steward for the U.S. grocery store chain Winn-Dixie.  This exciting journey is all new to me. I continue looking forward to learning more and sharing this experience with the WalkedThru community.”

WalkedThru Wine – Learn all about the Wonderful and Fascinating world of Wine WalkedThru with Ernest of Whine and Cheers for Wine

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