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Our Toronto Walker:

Toronto Walker

“I’m a native Nova Scotian who landed in TORONTO in 1961 to attend university, and has – two years excepted – made it my home.  This city has been very good to me.  I was educated in more ways than one here, landed a job in television which led to a long lasting producer/director position, met my partner, and bought a house downtown.  Over 55 years I’ve come to appreciate ‘Big TO’ more and more.  When I’ve been traveling, I always love coming back.  And that’s a good sign.

 TORONTO is a dynamic city in rapid transition mode at the moment.  It’s changing from low-rise to high-rise almost overnight.  The stats amaze even me: 4th largest city in North America; 180 languages spoken; 184 high-rise buildings under construction; 7,000 restaurants; 70 film festivals annually; 75 Business Improvement Areas; ranked as the most sustainable large city in Canada; home to 4 major universities; and it’s one of 5 must-see destinations according to Conde Nast in 2013.

 As a guide for the Toronto Ambassadors Program (TAPto), I look at the TORONTO SAVVY blog as a research tool.  It requires a fair amount of fact finding, which comes in handy when I’m out conducting tours.  (Toronto is the only Canadian city with a TAP program.  It’s free and is aimed at visitors who want to do walking tours with a knowledgeable local.)

 The TORONTO SAVVY blog is user friendly.  The ‘What’s On’ page lists theatres, concerts, LGBT, galleries, museums, dance, festivals and film events with corresponding websites.  It’s non-commercial.  No pop-ups, no advertising.  This is my contribution to a great city that’s given me a lot of pleasure, and continues to do so.”

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 Feedback is always welcome.  I can be reached at xvisuals@hotmail.com.


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