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Our Natural Health Walker:

WalkedThru Natural Health

“Tina’s Pharm is a blog where you can find information on anything relating to natural health. I am passionate about nutrition and all things natural. Some examples of topics I cover are organic eating, toxins, herbal remedies, and health myths.

I have my doctorate in pharmacy and work as a clinical pharmacist in a hospital in Michigan. While working in the healthcare field, I quickly realized that I do not always agree with the ‘common’ way of thinking and find many medications are overused in the American society. I believe that many of the problems patients have can be improved, or even completely resolved, by lifestyle modification.

My interest in natural medicine and nutrition was piqued even more when I started looking into various diets such as ‘eating for your blood type,’ paleo, and vegan, and realized how important food really is to your health.  Documentaries such as Food Inc. and Food Matters inspired me and made me passionate about our food supply. I became thirsty for knowledge on nutrition and natural medicine topics and began to seek out any documentaries, articles, and books I could find.

After having a rare complication from a miscarriage and going through chemotherapy, I decided there must be a better way. A better way for our farmers to use healthy procedures when growing crops, to use humane practices for raising animals for food; a better way for our health care system to take care of patients without giving them dangerous drugs or exposing them to unnecessary harm during certain procedures; a different way of thinking that has to do with nature; with what makes sense and not simply what makes money.

So I set out to spread my knowledge to others who may be interested in natural medicine. Follow me in my journey as I challenge traditional healthcare beliefs!”

WalkedThru Natural Health – Learn and be inspired on the subject of Natural Health WalkedThru by Dr Christine of Tina’s Pharm


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