Walker Profile: The Washington Vine

Our Washington Wine Walker
WalkedThru Washington WIne
“I reside in the state of Washington with my husband and two kids, and am currently a graduate student studying Psychology. I have a love of wine, and at the encouragement of my husband, decided to start a wine blog!
In the United States, Washington state is the second largest exporter of American wine (second only to California).  Sadly, very few people are aware of this fact, and are thus missing out on some wonderful wines!  And so was born my mission: to blog about wine, and only on Washington wine!
As I am a graduate student with a family, finances remain on a budget (some weeks more strict than others).  So for this reason, you will notice the vast majority of wines will be under $20.  Not to fret!  There are many, many delectable wines to be found in this price range!
So, if you are looking for great wines with an even better price tag, this blog shall serve you well!  I hope that as you read along, you will share your thoughts and experiences with us all regarding the various wines discussed.  Welcome to The Washington Vine!”
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WalkedThru Washington Wine – Learn all about the Wine of Washington: the second largest exporter of American Wine WalkedThru by The Washington Vine

4 thoughts on “Walker Profile: The Washington Vine

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  2. I enjoyed your notes on Wildhaven red wine and I am very much in tune with your comments
    for your information i searched the web and found that the wine is made by a Washington owned and operatied winery
    “Precept Wine is a Seattle-based wine producer with vineyards, winemakers, wineries and tasting rooms across Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Precept Wine is the fastest growing wine company in the Northwest and the largest privately owned of its kind.”

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