Walker Profile: The Spectator’s View

Our Newcastle United FC Walker

The Spectator's View

“The Spectator’s View’ was launched on 22nd March 2012 with the objective to provide insightful analysis into the latest news coming out of Newcastle United.

Here we believe that every Newcastle fan has interesting football stories to tell, and we provide a platform for them to share their views with fans around the globe. We’re looking to develop a reputation for quality and not to merely regurgitate news stories or transfer rumours. We value unique, opinion pieces that make us stand out from other footballing sites.

We are looking for new writers all the time and if you have qualifications or any sort of writing background, visit the ‘Get Involved’ page, and send us an email.

Overall it’s about having fun and expressing your views on a platform which can be viewed by thousands of fans just like you.”

WalkedThru Newcastle United FC – NUFC articles, match reviews and transfers news WalkedThru by The Spectator’s View

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