Walker Profile: The Malt Activist

Our Whisky Walker

The Malt Activist

“Welcome to The Malt Activist – a journal of my experiences as a whisky enthusiast.

This site is intended for whisky enthusiasts of all types. Whether you’re a single malt aficionado, a lover of blends, a drinker of bourbons, a collector of grain whiskies or simply curious about the Water of Life then you’ve come to the right place.

My blog will focus on educating the new-comer on the types of whiskies, the etiquettes of nosing and tasting and reviews of awesome whiskies that appeal both to the palate and the wallet!

Happy reading and responsible drinking!”

WalkedThru Whisky – Learn about Whisky, from single malt, to blends, to bourbons, to grain whiskies WalkedThru by The Malt Activist

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