Walker Profile: Tales from the Beehive – A Beekeeping Blog

Our Beekeeping Walker:

WalkedThru Beekeeping

 “This blog is an ongoing journey with me as I visit mybees and learn more about the world of these fascinating insects, the way that we interact with them and rely on them for pollination and how we can help to safeguard their future in a changing world where there are so many environmental factors working against them.

I records my successes, and failures, and you are invited to comment and give feedback to make the blog is a more useful resource for others setting out in beekeeping.

About the author: Husband, father of two, dog owner, environmental scientist, climber, mountaineer, beekeeper and mead maker, real ale drinker…”

WalkedThru Beekeeping – Get to know the life of a Beekeeper, from the Stings to the Honey WalkedThru by Tales From the Beehive – A Beekeeping Blog

4 thoughts on “Walker Profile: Tales from the Beehive – A Beekeeping Blog

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  2. Thanx for stopping by and signing up to follow my blog. Hope to keep it mildly interesting and entertaining for you. Your site is interesting in its own way. You have several topics I’ll want to come back and read through. Mmmh, mead! My daughter gets me the occasional bottle from an artisanal maker. And *real* ale? Certainly not American! I also enjoy a good dark ale, Smithwicks, Heineken Dark, Newcastle Brown. Enjoy my little show, and I’ll be back.

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