Walker Profile: Style Scout

Our Style Walker:

Style Scout

“Style Scout is the blog that does the leg work for you. I scout out the best trends, news and finds both on the catwalk and the high street, and post them all in one handy place for my followers to find. Think of me as a slightly sassy personal shopper. I’m all about personal style, so my aim with the blog isn’t to dictate style, but to just share my findings with people who might be enthusiastic about fashion too! And it isn’t just for fashion lovers, it’s for anyone, which is why I try to make it as fun and accessible as possible.
I started the blog in February 2012 because I wanted a forum where I could discuss fashion. I’m really passionate about fashion and I hope to go into styling or personal shopping in the future, as I love what clothes can do for a person. I’m really dedicated to making my blog great, and with my strong background in retail, I think I know how people like to shop, what environment they like, so I try to create this environment on my blog.”
WalkedThru Fashion Trends – Navigate the tricky waters of the Fashion Trends without compromising your own Style, WalkedThru by The Style Scout

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