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WalkedThru Vegan Food

Why? – the most popular question people ask when you decide to stop eating animals. My answer is: Why not?

I always assumed Vegans ate nothing but salad before I switched my diet. Surprisingly, we don’t! I felt a lot of scrutiny from friends and family after changing to a Vegan diet. I started this blog to show people that eliminating animal products does not mean you will only eat salad for the rest of your life. In fact, you can eat most of the same things you used to provided you get a little creative with food.

It is my goal to show that removing all animal products from your diet is easy and delicious to anyone who is willing to learn and try something new. I believe that everyone can benefit from eliminating some – if not all – meat and animal products from their diet. I believe this because I have had a great improvement in my health. My blood pressure has dropped to a healthy level (from high-normal), I have increased energy, and a consistently positive mood. I have also noticed a decrease in pain from a chronic pain condition I have suffered from for over 4 years.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and have as much fun making them as I do. Feel free to ask questions and request different kinds of dishes. I am up to the challenge!

x holly

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