Walker Profile: Shaveology

Our Wet Shaving Walker
WalkedThru Wet Shaving
“For most guys, shaving is considered a loathsome chore, however, when performed correctly, shaving can be enjoyable and relaxing!
Wet shaving is the traditional technique of shaving with hot water and a single blade (DE razor or Straight) using a brush (badger, boar, or synthetic) to lather a cream or soap. Modern wet shaving uses multiple razor passes to reduce and finally eliminate whiskers. (Without irritation!) Wet shaving may take a little longer than shaving with an expensive multiblade cartridge razor using goo from a can, but it is healthier for your skin and the results are incredible and economical!
My name is Rob and I’ve been wet shaving since 2006.  Take a Walk with me into the world of wet shaving!”
WalkedThru Wet Shaving – Read Reviews, Opinions and Advice on Wet Shaving and Shaving Products WalkedThru by Shaveology

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