Walker Profile: Retro Video Gaming

Our Retro Gaming Walker

WalkedThru Retro Video Gaming

“My name is Heidi and I’m a gaming obsessed girl from Sweden. Born in ’84 when Sega and Nintendo was at their peak I always enjoyed playing and played every time I got a chance. I never had any consoles myself since my parents thought it would make me dumb. This has led to a compulsive obsession of collecting everything I never got as a child! I now have quite a massive collection and I’ve begun to share my interest in games on my website Retro Video GamingWhen I’m not gaming I enjoy music, both listening and composing, illustrating, painting and creating things in general or drink excessive amounts of coffee with my friends!”


6 thoughts on “Walker Profile: Retro Video Gaming

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  2. Me enloquece conveniente los aspectos que escribes En este
    sitio, pese a que el diseño y estilo del site se trata de algo sin gracia.
    De todas maneras, Alucinante web-post.

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