Walker Profile: My Love Affair With Cape Town

Our Cape Town Walker

WalkedThru Cape Town

“My Love Affair With Cape Town is my little space to show off the incredible city which I call home. I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit and I’ve seen some truly beautiful & interesting places all around the world, but one thing never changes – I always feel so blessed when I arrive back here.

Cape Town is a vibrant, multicultural city with so much to offer. From modern architecture to old school charm, we have it all. A lot of people will tell you that once Cape Town sucks you in, it’s very hard to leave.

I write about anything and everything Cape Town related and every now and then I also mix in some random thoughts of my own. I tell you about local happenings, events, parties, dining spots, fashion, festivals, whatever goes really.

So why don’t you come and explore this city with me?

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WalkedThru Cape Town – Get to know the Food, Lifestyle and Culture of Africa’s most popular tourist destination WalkedThru by My Love Affair With Cape Town

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