Walker Profile: My Little Rio Journal

Our Rio de Janeiro Walker:

WT Profile Rio de Janeiro

Cristina is a typical carioca girl, born in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her passion for photography and her city led her to start My Little Rio Journal, where she shares her point of view of a life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, through her photos and thoughts.

As she spends most part of her spare time in Rio beaches, you will see a lot of beach photos in My Little Rio Journal. But that’s not all! She also wants to show everyone that Rio is much more than beautiful beaches and carnival. So you will also find her visits to museums, cultural centers, exhibitions, restaurants and bars, and a little of her quotidian life in Rio through her pictures.

Although her native language is the Portuguese, she chose writing in English to reach as many people as possible from the most different parts of the world !

Visit My Little Rio Journal and taste a little bit of a life in Rio de Janeiro, the Marvelous City!

I hope you enjoy it!


WalkedThru Rio de Janeiro – Rio news, lifestyle and culture with Cristina from My Little Rio Journal

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