Walker Profile: Love Living In Colorado

Our Colorado Walker:

WalkedThru Colorado

“My husband and I moved to Colorado in 2010. We absolutely love living in Colorado.  I originally started blogging to document our adventures in the great state of Colorado.  However, I am finding that there is so much to do that I had to change the direction of my blog.  I feel like lovelivingincolorado has turned into a “to do” or “bucket” list.  Lovelivingincolorado is a way of organizing all of the wonderful places to explore, restaurants to enjoy, and places to see in Colorado.  I still document our personal adventures but I have found that I enjoy researching places to explore and posting them for others to enjoy.  I try to focus on the whole state of Colorado but at times I get side tracked in Denver.  The substance of my blog is to portray to readers how great Colorado truly is.  Being transplants we are soaking up all that is Colorado.  Please enjoy the journey with us and if you have any recommendations for us please let me know.”

WalkedThru Colorado – Get to know and love the Food, Culture and Lifestyle WalkedThru by Love Living In Colorado

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