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WT Perth Walker

 Named after detective fiction slang for inside information, The Skinny is a Perth based blog that aims to inform both residents and visitors about what’s going on around town in terms of food, entertainment, nightlife and culture. In keeping with the ‘inside information’ theme, there is a slant towards shedding light on lesser known spots; those hidden gems that only years of local knowledge and keeping a constant ear to the ground can uncover.

Bio: After having caught the travel bug and living overseas for the best part of three years (in the UK and backpacking around Europe) I thought I could never live in boring old Perth again. It was so small and so very far away from everywhere else. However, returning home in late 2011 with zero funds to go anywhere again (and a not inconsiderable debt to the parents to repay) I was forced to stay put for a while. Luckily for me I soon noticed that Perth seemed no longer to be the dreary little backwater that I had fled years before. Cool small bars abounded, new and exciting restaurants were opening all the time and the city just seemed to have a buzz about it. Things were finally happening and little old Perth seemed to be well on its way to becoming the modern, cosmopolitan city that it was always meant to be. That being said, cool and interesting things to see, do, eat and drink can still sometimes be a little difficult to find, so I started The Skinny both as a means of helping people to better enjoy their city and also to support businesses  and events that I think make Perth a better place to live.

WalkedThru Perth – City news, lifestyle and culture with Justin from The Skinny: Perth


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