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WalkedThru Rallying

My name is Daniel Darrall and Rallying is my life. Growing up as a young kid, watching Rallying on the telly, I soon had my own heroes to look up to and be amazed at their skills and ability of their spectacular driving. Since I attended my first World Rally Championship event in 2006, my passion for the sport grew stronger and stronger every year. These days I now attended WRC events regularly every year, and have gotten to know the people behind the sport as well as the drivers and teams that I grew up watching. The best part of Rallying for me is being able to catch up and chat to some of the best drivers in the world about the day’s action and hear all the latest stories and news from the teams.

Because I was lucky enough to get on the inside of the sport, I decided to share my stories and experiences in my own blogs towards the end of 2009. Due to my love for Rallying, I had found a new passion for Photographing and writing about the Sport. So at the beginning of 2011 I set up my own Website insiderally.com.

The reason I have such passion for Rallying, much like millions of others around the world is because it is an adrenaline filled, action packed spectators sport. A test of man, machinery and the elements. On varying surfaces from the snow and ice of Sweden, to the hot dusty gravel of Mexico. The super-fast jumps in Finland to The twisty Tarmac roads of Germany, and not forgetting the slippery wet mud and forests of Britain. With ten thousand views and a hundred thousand fans with the best drivers in the world. Rallying is the most spectacular, challenging and exhilarating sport on the planet.

WalkedThru Rallying – Read articles, news and race reviews, WalkedThru by passionate enthusiast Daniel of Inside Rally

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