Walker Profile: Indian Excursions

Our India Walker

WalkedThru India

“In early 2009, I visited India for the very first time. With absolutely zero knowledge on the country or its people, I had never imagined that India would become my home. During my first visit, I was on a group tour package and following a very rushed, chaotic itinerary. There was no mention in the tight program of “Day 4: Today you’ll fall in love and change your life forever”! I met my partner Shiv. Shortly after, I returned to India and we started our tour operator business together – Indian Excursions Co. Today, I design personalised trips to India while also experiencing everyday life in this fantastic country. There have been plenty of bumps along the way but I am still very much under India’s spell and very enthusiastic about sharing it’s magic with future visitors.  My blog is a reflection of this, as I aim to share my knowledge and experiences of India with others.“


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