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Our Gluten Free Food Walker

WalkedThru Gluten Free Food

Sarah was diagnosed with coeliac disease more than ten years ago and decided more recently to document the trials and tribulation of going gluten free in the form of a blog.

The Gluten Free Blogger has been running for two years, and provides a constant flow of recipes, product reviews, anecdotes and restaurant reviews as well as informative articles and tips for going gluten free.

Sarah believes being on a gluten free diet should be an adventure – a chance to explore foods you’ve never even heard of and experiment with creating new dishes.

Gluten free is also an extremely healthy way of living, so as well as the occasional treat (or two!) Sarah has recently been trying out some great recipes for weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.

She hopes you will enjoy The Gluten Free Blogger, join the conversation and make new friends along the way – as well as some inspiration to liven up dinner time!

You can also follow her on Facebook on The Gluten Free Blogger or on twitter @GFBlogger

WalkedThru Gluten Free Food – Get to know Gluten Free Food, Cooking, and Tasty Recipes WalkedThru by the Gluten Free Blogger

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