Walker Profile: Formula One Update

Our Formula One Walker:

WalkedThru Formula One

“My name is Jakob Schmidt and I have been writing about F1 for many years now. My love affair with this great sport, is much older, though. I remember watching these fast cars go around the circuits and have been attracted to that world ever since. The glamour, the speed, the excitement.

I started blogging in 2009, after having built a small fan-base on Facebook. I use other social networks and platforms extensively, such as Twitter, Tumblr and of course WalkedThru. I am an approved member of the NewsNow Publishers Network, and I also do interviews for F1Paddock, find it online, and have featured articles on several other websites.

The technical aspect has always been of great interest to me, so has the politics behind it. There are many websites out there copying the work from everyone else, I do all my own articles, word by word. Yes, you can read my stories elsewhere, some are simply a run-down of results, but I can sometimes manage to find information no one else can. That is part of the thrill and fun that is writing about F1.”

WalkedThru Formula One – Read articles, news and race reviews, WalkedThru by Jakob at the Formula One Update

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