Walker Profile: DIY Korean Food

Our Korean Food Walker:

DIY Korean Food

“I grew up in NYC, but in 2002 I went to Seoul to see my parents who’d moved back to Korea in 1997 for what I thought was a short visit, but ended up staying for three years! Living in Seoul expanded my understanding and love of Korean food and cooking.  I took a cooking class and found out just how important it is to start with good ingredients.  This class really opened my eyes and thus was the kick starter in my continued commitment and engagement.
I feel Korean food you make yourself will always be better than what you can get at most Korean restaurants in American cities.
I believe that flexibility and creativity in Korean cooking is important because there will be times when I can’t always get the ingredients i’ll need for a particular dish so improvising and putting my own unique touches on something is invaluable.  Being able to look in my pantry and finding an apt substitute is key in Korean cooking.  Ultimately, my hope is that readers who like Korean food will do the same and develop a repertoire of making dishes in their own style and to their own taste.”
WalkedThru Korean Food – Get to know Korean Food, Cooking, and Recipes WalkedThru by Jiwon at DIY Korean Food

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