Walker Profile: Czech the Flip

Our Czech Republic Walker:
WalkedThru Czech Republic
I am Filipino. My husband is Czech.  My son is American.

I was born and raised in Bukidnon, a small province in the southern part of the Philippines.  I went to Manila for college and eventually spent the next ten years there, 6 of which for work.  After searching for “greener pastures,”  I ended up spending some time in the US.  During my time there, I met my husband, got married there and eventually had a son.

Now we are in the Czech Republic, my husband’s home country.  Since I have never lived in Europe before, I am blogging about our experiences here.  This will basically be a journal of my adventures as I try to fit into my new home – from learning the language, discovering cultural eccentricities and raising a family in a multi-cultural household.  In this blog, I hope to give you a glimpse about life in the Czech Republic through a transplant’s eyes.    I also intend to share with you personal experiences about the many beautiful places in Czech that are not normally found in tourist books.  

So come with me as we journey through the Czech Republic together!

WalkedThru Czech Republic – Get to know the Food, Culture and Lifestyle WalkedThru by Czech the Flip

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