Walker Profile: Critical Confabulations

Our (Off-) Broadway Walker:

WalkedThru (Off) Broadway

“I see, read and listen to as much as I can, and so I blog as an outlet to pontificate opinions, analyses and musings on all things entertainment-related — but mostly theatre and film. I’m passionate about arts criticism and my goal is to write reviews and reactions that are engaging, thoughtful and informative, and that invite discussion (please comment! I love to hear from my readers). My favorite times of year are the Academy Awards and Tony Awards as I attempt — and usually succeed — to se every single nominee and then blog about each award category. It’s crazy and crazy-exhausting, but I love it.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Theatre Studies — I’m trained as a dramaturg — and I’ve worked professionally in theatre in NYC since 2008. I love theatre in all its forms — from big Broadway musicals to experimental off-off-Broadway — and I hope to get you excited about it, too.”

WalkedThru (Off-) Broadway – Read the Opinions, Analysis and Musings on all things Broadway and Theatre WalkedThru by Critical Confabulations

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