Walker Profile: Beatles Blogger

Our Beatles Walker
Beatles Blog
Beatles Blog – Adventures in Collecting Beatles Music

Beatles Blog is a page dedicated to the avid Beatles music collector.

Here you’ll find regular updates about new Beatles releases and collectable vinyl, compact discs and DVDs – either by the Beatles as a group, as solo artists, and Beatles-related projects. There’ll also be information about books and magazines. As new items come into my collection Beatles Blog is updated with details, cover photos, labels, catalogue information and stuff like that. Beatles Blog is about the thrill of the chase – finding long sought-after items and providing details for the information of all the other mad collectors out there!

Please feel free to contribute images of your own Beatles items, or write in with further information on anything that you see – especially if it will assist other collectors in their knowledge of all things Beatle.

The blog address is beatlesblogger.com
You can email at beatlesblogger@gmail.com
We’re also on Twitter. Just search for @beatleblogger  (note there is no “s”, just beatleblogger).
And we have a Google+ account called the beatlesblogger

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