Walker Profile: Australian Perfume Junkies

Our Perfume Walker:

WalkedThru Perfume

“On AustralianPerfumeJunkies we discuss new & old fragrances and perfumes, do house/nose bios and talk to perfumers; it’s pretty all encompassing. We are exploring the joy of scents and learning along the way.
At APJ we are not trained perfumers and don’t pretend to be, we offer opinions and advice from our own learning curve and through our deep love for all fragrances, smells, stinks and olfactory sensation garnered over 20 years of loving perfumes.
Sometimes we are serious, humorous, knowledgeable or lost, it all adds up to us searching out interesting, different, unusual, fabulous and sometimes awful perfumes; be it mass market, celebrity, niche or micro niche.
We try to explain how they smell through story and science, tell you where to get a bargain and keep you abreast of the newest trends. Portia also guest writes for Perfume Posse, one of the world’s most loved and looked at blogs on the scentbloggosphere.”
WalkedThru Perfume – Read Discussion, Opinions and Advice on all things Perfume WalkedThru by Australian Perfume Junkies

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