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Our Montreal Walker

WalkedThru Montreal

“Welcome to Montreal in Pictures.

I moved to Montreal in 1999 from the UK and fell in love with this vibrant city which I now call home. Having recently re-found my love for photography, I decided to start a blog documenting the numerous places and attractions that make Montreal such a great place to live and visit.

My aim is to cover specific places and photograph the s**t out of them. In addition to providing images, I want to also give some historic and other interesting facts of each place I cover ñ being a relatively new resident, I still have much to uncover about the history and discovering new places of interest off the well beaten tourist tracks.

In addition to there being so many great places (some beautiful, some not), what makes Montreal such a great city are the vast number of festivals that take place throughout the year. So another aspect of this blog will be coverage of events taking place, from the International Jazz festival to Igloo Fest.

As I said, photography is my new found hobby, and between documenting various places/events, I plan to blog about photography techniques Iím trying to attempt for the first time or improve upon ñ HDR, long exposure, time-lapse and more.

If you live in Montreal, or planning a visit, I hope this blog will be of some interest.

Your feedback is always welcome, so if you have ideas for posts, want to meet up, have a photo walk, give me a shout.”

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