Walker Profile: Ideal Diet

Our Healthy Food Walker:

WalkedThru Healthy Food

 “A few years ago I discovered that I had some food sensitivities, and I chose to completely change the way I ate.  As a result, I became more fascinated and excited by not only healthy eating, but healthy cooking.  As I found my excitement for health and nutrition growing, my interest in my career in dentistry started fading.  It was time for a career change from one health care field to another.  Instead of drilling and filling, I now get to help people lose weight and get healthy, and I get to talk about food all day long!  This blog is a place to share my recipes because, let’s face it, food restrictions can make eating boring.  If we can add variety and good flavor to our food, it makes healthy eating pleasurable and sustainable.  Here’s the good news for you: I’m not a chef.  I have no natural talent as a cook, so the recipes I share are quick and easy with simple ingredients.”

WalkedThru Healthy Food – Get to know Healthy Food, Cooking, and Recipes WalkedThru by Ideal Diet

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