Sports blog! WalkedThru English Premier League

Our EPL Walker

WalkedThru English Premier League

Like Soccer? Love English football in particular? Want to keep updated?

Then this is the WalkThru for you!

WalkedThru English Premier League – The Barclays Premier League in all its glory. News, views and much more WalkedThru by Crazy About EPL

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Travel Blog! WalkedThru Toronto

Our Toronto WalkThru
Toronto Walker

Love Canada? Want to learn more about Toronto? And be kept updated?

Then this is the WalkThru for you!

WalkedThru Toronto – Talking Toronto news, lifestyle and culture with David from Toronto Savvy

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Sports blog! WalkedThru World Cup 2014

Our World Cup 2014 Walker

Rio De Janeiro World Cup 2014

Like Soccer? Love Brazil? Excited for the World Cup?

Then this is the WalkThru for you!

WalkedThru World Cup 2014 – Get geared up for this years Soccer World Cup in Brazil with WalkedThru by Road2Rio

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Hey Walkers and readers,

We’ve been away for a while, but now we’re back, better than ever!!


Personal Note:

Some of you might be wondering what ever did happen to this great project??? Of which your support has been immense and incredibly inspiring to me. Well the answer is that I as the lead editor have actually been outside the country for a long time and with the new job, new city, new culture, and new life, I decided to put it on the back burner for a while. (Oh and as it was China, I couldn’t actually access WordPress because it is completely blocked… BLOCKED!!!)

However, throughout my crazy Asian adventure, WalkedThru never really did escape my thoughts. When I did eventually return home, I logged on and half expected a ghost town. Instead I found hundreds of emails and comments wishing us all the best! I can only apologise for not being able to respond to each and every comment and email, but note that I read and appreciate every single one!!!

Your comments if anything have made me more passionate and determined than ever in continuing to build WalkedThru from a small idea into a reputable global resource and I couldn’t do it without you!!

Whether you’re a Walker, a fellow blogger, or a reader I THANK YOU!!!

Now lets build something amazing!

Yours sincerely,

Luke ‘SkyWalker’ Connelly

p.s. sorry about all the exclamation marks!!! I’m just happy to be back 🙂

Travel blog! WalkedThru India

Our India Walker

WalkedThru India

Love Travelling? Want to visit India? Want to learn more about the Vibrant Lifestyle and Culture?

Then this is the WalkThru for you!

WalkedThru India – Learn about the Lifestyle, Food and Culture WalkedThru by Indian Excursions

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Travel Blog! WalkedThru Montreal

Our Montreal Walker

Want to visit Canada? Want to learn more about the Largest city in the province of Quebec? Want to see the Vibrant Lifestyle and Culture in Pictures?

Then this is the WalkThru for you!

WalkedThru Montreal – Get to know Canada’s second largest city and Cultural Capital WalkedThru by Montreal in Pictures

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New Food blog! WalkedThru Vancouver Food

Our Vancouver Food Walker

WalkedThru Vancouver Food

Want to learn about Vancouver Food? Vancouver Restaurants? And Vancouver Dining Culture?

Then this is the WalkThru for you!

WalkedThru Vancouver Food – Talking Vancouver Food, Restaurants, and Dining Lifestyle WalkedThru by Mary at Vancouver Bits and Bites Blog

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Travel Blog! WalkedThru Andalucía

Our Andalucía Walker

WalkedThru Andalucia

Ever wanted to go sunny Spain? How about amazing Andalucia? Want to learn more about it?

Then this is the WalkThru for you!

WalkedThru Andalucía – Get to know the Food, Lifestyle and Culture WalkedThru by Chasing Butterflies: Sunshine and Freedom

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