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What’s a Walker?

A Walker is a WalkedThru term for blogger.

More specifically a blogger chosen to represent and write about a specific subject for our WalkedThru Community.

So for example, we haven’t got a blog about ‘bodybuilding’. So this would be an ideal subject for someone to apply to us about and become our Walker for (anyone?).

Another example would be a particular place or city? Anyone live in an interesting city, with posession of a decent camera and writing style to match? (Apply to us!)

Expertise/Enthusiasm for Fashion, Football, Religion, World War 2, Classic cars, Cooking Italian, Computers, Gaming, DIY, Skin care, ANYTHING. Contact us!


Why become a Walker?

Why? Because a Walker allows you to speak to a larger audience, which is interested in the field or subject your an expert or enthusiast in.

Your own personal website’s SEO is also an attractive reason for you to contribute to our community; we will display your website on our website as well as the blog your a Walker for, with a link. And of course the more links and referals from other websites to yours, the more those pescy search engine ‘crawlers’ will notice you and bump you up higher in the difficult to climb search engine listings.

We will also allow you to use our WT logo in any parophanalia you have; whether that be your own persoanl website, blog or video.

We will share with you our brand values; professional and reputable.

Are Walkers paid? I’m afraid not. Well not directly anyhow; but if you have a website representing your company or blog, we could be a brilliant source of web traffic for you, depending of course on how successful you WalkedThru blog is. We grow, you grow.

Can I become a Walker?

Right this is relatively straightforward depending on several key factors.

We would love to grow our community as large as possible so we are open to welcoming as many WalkedThru residents as possible.

However it does depend on:

How soon you contact us because we have just begun our WalkedThru community; although we ONLY have ONE Walker per subject, becuase our community is young there are a lot of subjects we haven’t got a resident Walker for.

And it also depends on:

The specialism of your professional subject; the nicher your expertise the more likely you will be the only submission to represent that particular blog. Obviously though, we wouldn’t like a subject too niche, as to be no audience.

And it also of course depends on:

Your blogging technique; from your personality and style and to a lesser extent your experience.

Right how do I become a Walker?

That’s easy go to the contact page, fill in the form and choose ‘Walker Interest’ in the dropdown menu.

We look forward to hearing from, and when you do we’ll be in touch ASAP.



P.S If you have any more questions regarding WalkedThru that you feel we haven’t covered, feel free to contact us.

22 thoughts on “Join Us

  1. I’m pretty new to blogging, so bear with me. I’m a pastry chef and have been working professionally for about 7 years now. I’m sure there are a billion food blogs out there, so all I ask is for you to give it a look. Thank you for your time.

  2. Hello Jason,

    Sorry for the delay in reply.

    A food blog – Great!
    We’re always looking for new subjects to blog about and to help build our WalkedThru community.

    As you may have read on our Join us page – we want our blogs to be written by professionals – so your experience is fantastic.
    Don’t worry too much about your lack of actual blogging experience, as long as the content is written capably, and is fun and informative, we’re happy for you to join us.
    I Would be enthusiastic to look at any blog you could send me a link to, and would love to add you to our Walker community!

    Who knows, you could be our Walker of WalkedThru Pastry?!

    Luke ‘Skywalker’ Connelly

  3. If you need a dedicated wine blog then please, feel free to add me to your fledgling collection.

  4. Dear Luke ‘Skywalker’ Connelly,

    I am a web content editor, manager, programmer, and designer, who recently started a blog.

    With my blog, I cover the world of internet technology, such as: SEO, Social Media, etc, as well as cellphone apps, and… of course sports! At times, I will include more than one of these topics in one story.

  5. Your contact form isn’t working. 😦 Is there another way to apply with ideas?

    I’m not sure the categories you have covered yet. But I feature something called “closet shopping” on my blog which is where I put together “new” outfits from what I already own…I don’t feel like a “need” so many new clothes when I always have “new outfits”. Or, do you already have a walkedthru dedicated to only black and white photography? I like the concept of your community and would love to join in some way!

    All the best, Aims from

  6. Or do you have a specific portrait photography blog yet? Sorry for commenting again my comment posted before I was finished

  7. Oh this sounds like it’s right up my alley!! I am new to blogging and would love this opportunity!!

  8. LUKE! Thank you so much for following my blog. I appreciate your time. If anything catches your attention, let me know.

    Love your site. Wish you loads of fun and expertise!

  9. Any room for Restaurant reviews in Helsinki, Finland? Might also write about restaurants visited during holidays, but 90% of reviews are from capital area of Finland, Helsinki

  10. I could be your walker for professional mariners (people who work on the water). I also blog about traveling and things going on around my town (Lake Jackson Texas) and the Houston-Galveston area.

  11. I am a new Virtual Assistant, Zimbabwean living in Cape Town. i would love to share about the good of the largest township in South Africa, Khayelitsha. For instance today I saw someone with a portable wood fired oven selling pizza by the roadside. Its the entrepreneurial spirit that inspires me in a country where jobs are hard to come by and poverty rapidly increasing. i just love this community even more.

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